Personalised Activity Plans

People with dementia benefit greatly from continuing to feel valued, useful and engaged. Indeed long periods of boredom can lead to them feeling frustrated and demonstrating difficult behaviours.

To help avoid this, our Activity Planners will provide a home visit to find out as much as possible about the person with dementia including information about their family, what they did for a living and their hobbies and interests. The Activity Planner will then create a personalised activity plan for you that will aim to help your relative with dementia stay occupied and happy. As well as including information about meaningful tasks they can do at home, it will provide links to activities available in your local area that they may enjoy.

This service is available throughout Cumbria so please contact us for more information.

Behaviour Support Service

We are currently piloting a Behaviour Support Service in the South Lakes area, which aims to provide assistance to families whose relative with dementia starts to display behaviours they may struggle to understand and cope with. We will visit to learn about as much as possible about the person and their troubling behaviour. We will then suggest strategies, which we hope will make the situation better for both the person with the dementia and their family members.

We also have the capacity to deliver a 2 hour training session to up to 6 family members.

This work is funded by The Frieda Scott Trust.