Dignity In Dementia Group Care Programmes

A free to attend 8 hour programme run over 4 weeks which combines effective and easy to use dementia care guidance with relaxation techniques.

The dementia care guidance uses our ‘Feelings First’ approach which helps individuals with dementia feel more contented and at ease and is proven to reduce instances of behaviours often deemed as challenging. It also helps carers connect more effectively to the person they support leading to an improved quality of life for both.

The relaxation element helps carers manage the stresses of looking after their loved one better. These run two to three times a year at various locations across the South Lakes.

“This course can make such a positive difference to the life of the carer, as well as the cared-for – definitely sign up.”

“As well as learning lots, you meet people going through similar experiences and can learn and share with them.”

Contact us to find out when and where the next programme starts.


Adopting A Live Well With Dementia Approach

2 hour sessions – free to attend

We appreciate that committing the time to regularly attend our Dignity in Dementia Group Care Courses is very difficult for some.  Therefore we’re delivering stand alone 2 hour sessions – called ‘Adopting A Live Well With Dementia Approach’ at different locations around Cumbria.  They’ll cover:

  • What is Dementia?
  • The importance of understanding the feelings of the person with dementia
  • Understanding the new normal
  • Meaningful occupation and helping the person with dementia keep busy and feel valued
  • Staying healthy
  • Staying connected to the community

Contact us to find out where and when they are happening.

Support Groups

We are also active in the community in a range of other ways.  For example we run a support group for family carers which meets monthly at St John’s Church Hall, Silverdale – please contact us for details.  Additionally we support the work of a number of the counties Dementia Action Alliances and get involved in many other ventures.